• KIPARDO Wheel | Alloy Wheel Quality Test

    Alloy wheels have become a popular choice for automotive enthusiasts worldwide due to their aesthetic appeal and improved performance characteristics. As more vehicles adopt alloy wheels, the importance of rigorous testing to ensure their reliability, durability, and safety becomes paramount. In ...
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  • Benefits of Alloy Wheel

    Benefits of Alloy Wheel

    While alloy wheels are nothing new, their popularity has risen more and more due to their bevy of advantages. So, let’s run through some of those advantages and why Rimax’s collection of OEM Alloy Wheels is so unique and high-quality. An advantage of alloy wheels is thei...
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  • The Importance of Load Rating and Weight Capacity

    The Importance of Load Rating and Weight Capacity

    Your wheel’s load rating or weight capacity is an extremely important aspect of vehicle safety. The load rating determines how much weight your tires can safely carry at maximum air pressure. If load rating is ignored, it can result in tire failure, causing damage to you...
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  • How to choose a wheel size

    How to choose a wheel size

    When it comes to the wheels on your vehicle, of course. While upgrading wheel size can improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle, adjusting wheel size without considering certain details can cause your speedometer to malfunction, damage your vehicle, and end...
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